Review for “Lyra’s Jordan”

“Lyra’s Jordan” was an excellent start at the introduction in the world of His Dark Materials season one written by Jack Thorne and directed by Tom Hopper. The pilot teaches us a lot about the building blocks of His Dark Materials, but still leaves us with many elements hidden. These mysterious elements can leave some viewers confused, but more desiring to watch more, to learn more about who Lyra will betray and to wonder what is happening to the children who are going missing?

            Let’s start with a basic summary of the episode. The episode first starts with Lyra Belacqua being dropped off by her Uncle or Lord Asriel, an Artic Explorer at Jordan College part of Oxford University. Lyra needs to be under scholastic sanctuary protection, but Uncle Asriel does not explain to Dr. Crane (The Master) why she is unsafe with him. The action starts about seven years later; we quickly learn that Lyra is an adventurous rebellious young girl with a daemon named Pan and a best friend whose a young servant in training called Roger Parslow. Both children are orphans, but Lyra still has Uncle Asriel, who is off exploring. 

            When Uncle Asriel returns, he goes in front of the professors of Jordan College to explain his heretical findings of “dust.”  Dr. Crane tries to poison Lord Asriel before he can bring danger to Jordan College, but a spying Lyra, who hopes to go off with her uncle to adventures in the North, stops Asriel from drinking the poisoned wine. Uncle Asriel has Lyra hide in a chest to observe how The Master reacts to his findings that the dust only surrounds adults, and to the existence of a city in the sky that’s made of dust.  Lord Asriel asks Jordan College’s faculty to help fund his exploration, which they do.

   After the meeting, Lyra falls asleep but wakes up in time for her Uncle to be putting her to bed. He refuses to answer too many questions about his research. Even though Uncle Asriel had promised to one day take Lyra away from Jordan College, he abandons her again, saying the Arctic is no place for a child. 

            Meanwhile, the Gyptians have a ceremony to mark Tony Costa becoming a man after his daemon Lyuba settled on being a hawk. He is given a metal ring with a hawk image with scraps of metal from the community. Tony’s little brother Billy Costa is kidnapped after wandering away from the celebration because he feels like his older brother will no longer be around. The Gyptian community looks everywhere for Billy Costa, but can’t find him anywhere nearby. The community decides he did not just wander off but was taken by some monsters they call the “gobblers.” The “gobblers” are already suspected of taking a couple of other Gyptian children. The Gyptians travel up to London in their boats, planning to find Billy and the other children. 

            Back at Jordan College, the Master and the Librarian discuss how the altimeter (a truth-telling device shaped like a golden compass)  tells them that it is time for Lyra to leave the college because she is going to be part of the adventures to come surrounding dust. The Master shares that Lyra will betray people, which will hurt her significantly.  The Master introduces Lyra to Marisa Coulter, another adventurer who promises to take the girl under her wing. Lyra jumps at the chance to leave Jordan College to be Coulter’s assistant but begs Marisa to allow Roger to come with them. The female adventurer agrees though soon after we witness her daemon grab the servant boy.

            The next morning, Lyra can not find Roger anywhere on the college grounds. She agrees to go to London with Maris after the woman adventurer promises to help the young girl find her best friend. Lyra is given the altimeter by the Master, who makes her promise to keep the device a secret, since it’s illegal, and to keep her council. We see Billy is being taken somewhere in a boat under the wind ship that the two new workmates are traveling to London.

            Now what I found interesting was how sometimes the daemons were visible on-screen, and other times you could barely notice them. Then suddenly, Pan would appear next to Lyra. Phillip Pullman wrote his novels this way because it would be distracting to see daemons all the time unless they were vital to the scene. Jack Throne must have felt the same way, which does make sense. I know I would be staring at the CIG daemons all the time if they were on screen constantly. I thought the special effects of the daemons were quite well done though I don’t think technology has gotten to the point where they look real. I felt that the actors who performed as the daemon’s voices did as good a job with their performances as their live-action counterpoints. I had initially forgotten that in the book they could talk , so at first, it was shocking, but then it made perfect sense. In the television show, the daemons act as their human’s consciousness. For example, when Lyra was spying on her Uncle’sUncle’s rooms, Pan reminded her that The Master had always been nice to them.

Along with Lord Asriel’s daemon, a snow leopard named Stelmaria points out that Lyra is still sleeping in the chest after the meeting was long over. The daemons do have their own personalities though. Billy’s daemon walks up to the daemon who helps kidnap them, showing he is adventurous even though the little boy warned him to go away. There is something special about the concept of the daemon. They are a source of comfort and support that a human is never without in this world.

            The only major criticism I have of the pilot is the gobblers kidnap Billy Costa because he is away from his family. In Gyptian, culture children are considered precious and never far from their parents. Why would his mother have allowed him to go on his own, or what were the adults doing who just let him go off into the dark? But I understand that for the plot, Billy needed to be kidnapped, which would not have happened if he stayed at the party. So all in all, I think it is the only way Jack Throne could have written that scene, at least in a believable manner.

            I was in love with the way Lyra was represented in the pilot by Dafe Kenne Fernadez. The way she was always running from place to place reveals her adventurous spirit along with her urgency to leave this confined space. Her loyalty to both Uncle Asriel and Roger Parslow lead her to make life-changing decisions in “Lyra’s Joden.” If Lyra were not loyal to Uncle Asriel, she would never have been spying on the Master  for him, which led to her learning about “dust.”  Her loyalty made her even more curious about the Artic. If she were not so desperate to go to the Arctic, then the young girl would not have been so compelled to go off with Marisa, who she doesn’t know. If she were not so loyal to Roger, then he probably would not have been kidnapped by the gobblers. Plus, Lyra would not have ultimately left Jordan College after name? had disappeared if Maris had not tempted her with finding her only friend. It’s Lyra’s adventurous and loyal spirit that leads her to venture into unknown worlds, which will ultimatley lead to the enormous pain she will experience — the pain The Master warned her about in his study. 

            The way His Dark Materials pilot was shot and edited (mixed in with the CGI) was awe-striking.  The long shots of Lord Asriel and Stelmaria climbing down the snowing mountains in the Arctic were breathtaking.  The medium shot of Roger pulling at the grates that are entrapping him as epic classical music is playing is heartbreaking. The way they built this urban fantasy/science fiction world is perfect. 

There are times, like in the beginning, when Asriel flys back Lyra into a flooded Jordan college in a helicopter where the technology seems modern. Then the main transport is these big metal airships that in my opinion look steampunk-like. The way the characters in the college dress is Victorian. But then the ceremony which makes Gyptian teenagers into men appear almost medieval. The daemons are fantastical, but there is plenty of alternative technologies like this camera that seems like a mixture of the modern and victorian that makes the television science fiction. This amalgam of genres makes the television show even more compelling.

If you are confused by any of the terms I use from the show check out the glossary:https://decodingthedaemonverse.poetry.blog/2019/11/06/example-post/

Thank you! Please look out for a new review on Wednesday.


Glossary for His Dark Materials TV Show

Glossary for His Dark Materials (May Contain Some Spoilers)

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Glossary for His Dark Materials (may contain some spoilers):

Daemon: The animal that embodies their human companion’s soul. Daemons are able to speak . Children’s daemons continuously change form. Once the human’s become adults, they daemon’s identity becomes fixed. They are often the opposite gender of their human counterpart..

Dust: This is a substance that forms around fully matured consciousness of adults when their daemons have become one unchanging animal. The church thinks of dust as heretical because they connect the fully matured consciousness to “original sin.”

Scholastic Sanctuary:  Scholastic Sanctuary is when somebody who may be in danger because of what they have said or even just for for being has protection against the Magisterium when living in academic space like Oxford University.

Gyptians: A nomadic ethnic group that made their homes in the Fens of Brytain. They are a tightknit community who are protective of their children. Usually, children stay with their mother or somebody who is trusted. As seen in the pilot, the Gyptians travel by boat.

Multiverse: As Lord Asriel showed during the meeting in the library, there are many different worlds in His Dark Materials. These universes are all parallel to one another and the Magisterium consider it heretical to discuss them.

Magisterium: The headquarters of the ruling authority of the Holy Church in Geneva.

Jordan College: The college is one of the twenty-three colleges that form the University of Oxford. This is Lyra Belacqua’s home until she leaves it at the end of the pilot.

Alethiometer: A truth telling device that looks like a golden compass.

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Differences between The Golden Compass and His Dark Materials Season One Part Two

1. Will Parry is not featured in The Golden Compass. Parry doesn’t come into the story until the second book, The Subtle Knife. In the second half of the television show, however, Parry is heavily featured.

2. In the books, Billy Costa was not found half-dead as a child in the Arctic village. He was rescued along with the other children back in “The Station.” In His Dark Materials Season 1, Billy Costa dies as a child from having his daemon cut out.

3. Ma Costa did not go with the rest of the Gyptians to find the lost children in The Golden Compass. In the television show, Costa has a big part in rescuing the children from the Gobblers.

4. Lord Boreal does not travel back and forth between the two different dimensions in the first book. While in the first season, Lord Boreal frequently crosses the border between the daemon world and our world.

5. Kaisa is a snow goose in the books, but in the television show, she is a hawk.

6. Daemons don’t speak in front of anybody who is not their human in the His Dark Materials book series. The daemons sometimes do talk in front of other people in His Dark Materials Season One.

7. All the nurses in “The Station” had their daemons cut out, but in the first season, only Sister Clara’s daemon has been exorcised.

8. The daemons stay with the adults who have had their links cut off from their humans, but they cannot communicate anymore. In His Dark Materials Season One, they lose their daemons completely once they have been surgically separated.

9. In the novel, Lyra pretends to be dumb when the Gobblers capture her, but in the show, she speaks saying her name is Lizzie.

10. Bernie Johnson, who was an undercover Gyptian whose job was to watch Lyra, does not exist in the television show.

Actor Profile: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Lee Scoresby on His Dark Materials. Miranda was born in New York City on January 16th, 1980. He is an American composer, lyricist, singer, actor, producer, and playwright known for creating and performing in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton.

Miranda won the Tony for Best Original Score and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album in 2008 for his work in In the Heights. In 2015, Hamilton earned him the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, and the play was nominated for a record-setting 16 Tony Awards, of which it won 11, including Best Musical, Best Original Score and Best Book. Miranda was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his roles in both In the Heights and Hamilton.

In the Heights’ film adaptation is coming out this summer. Miranda produced, and composed the music for the film.  He also has a small in the movie,

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been in several well-known films and television shows, including the last two Star Wars films. He starred as Jack in Mary Poppins Returns. He also played Mario for seventeen episodes in The Electric Company and himself twice on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Lastly, Executive Produced Fosse/Verdon and he performed the character of Roy Schneider in one of the episodes.

Actor Profile: James McAvoy

James McAvoy plays Lord Asriel Belacqua in His Dark Materials. McAvoy was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on April 21, 1979. His mother is a psychiatric nurse named Elizabeth. His father James McAvoy Jr works as a builder. Following his parent’s divorce,  James was brought up primarily by his maternal grandparents due to his mother’s poor health. McAvoy was raised Roman Catholic and attended St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School.

His acting debut was in 1995 film The Near Room. James was fifteen years old. Since then McAvoy has garnered several award nominations, including a BAFTA for his role as Nicholas Garrigan in The Last King of Scotland (2006). His performance as Robbie Turner in Atonement (2007) earned James a Golden Globe nomination and a second BAFTA nomination. He has gone on to play Professor Charles Xavier in several X-Men iterations and his starring role in the crime comedy-drama Filth (2013) earned him the Best Actor from the British Independent Film Awards.

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“The Fight to the Death” Review

I enjoyed His Dark Materials Season One Episode Seven ” The Fight to the Death,” especially since it was a nice break from last week’s action-packed episode. I will miss the Gyptians since their part in Lyra’s journey seems to be over at least for this season. We only have one more episode & the promo doesn’t contain Ma Costa, John Faa, or Fader Coram. But I’m sure we will see more of them in the second season. My favorite part of this episode was Lyra’s conversation with King Iofur, which I will discuss later. Let me first start with a recap.

Mrs. Coulter almost strangles Sister Clara because of her anger over the Gyptians and Lyra destroying The Station.

Meanwhile, Lyra Belacqua gets captured by King Iofur Rankinson’s armored bears. She is locked in a prison with a scholar named Jotham Santelia. Santelia tells Lyra that her father, Lord Asriel, was locked in the jail with him, but was able to convince Iofur Ranknison to let him have his lab. Lord Asriel is now in a different location, continuing to figure out the mysteries of Dust. Lyra says that her friend Iorek Brynison is coming to rescue her. The scholar laughs. Santelia says that King Iofur will kill Iorek before he can enter the palace. He gives her one good piece of information that King Iofur wants to be a human being more than anything else.

Lord Boreal watches a video about John Parry in his car back in our universe.

Back in the armored bear palace, Lyra tricks King Iofur into thinking she is Iorek’s human daemon. She hides Pan from sight. Lyra uses the alethiometer to prove that she is a daemon by figuring out Iofur killed his father. Only daemons would usually be able to figure out that information. She tells him that Mrs. Coulter and the Gobblers created human daemons for bears. The Gobblers chose Iorek to be the first bear to have a daemon. Lyra promises that if the King kills Iorek, she will become his daemon. Iofur now plans to allow his foe into the palace. Iorek won’t be executed at the gates.

In our world, Lord Boreal pretends to be MI5 or MI6 to get Elaine Parry to give him John’s letters. He thinks the notes may contain information about how John Parry crossed universes. Elain Parry refuses to give Lord Boreal any info.  The lord threatens to take Will into care, but she won’t cave. Elaine freaks out when she spots Lord Boreal’s snake daemon, but he pretends she imagined the snake. Lord Boreal leaves but promises to return with some paperwork that will allow him to search the apartment legally.

Lord Boreal goes back to the car. Pale-faced man and Thomas are waiting for him. Lord Boreal orders the men to do whatever they need to do to get those letters.

Lyra meets Iorek at the entrance to the palace. She reveals that she was only able to get Iorek safely inside by tricking Iorek. Lyra apologizes to Iorek since he needs to fight Iofur to death. The armored bear laughs, saying Lyra did the right thing.

The two royal armored bears fight in front of their troops. Iofur lets Iorek think he won but then swiftly kills the King. Now Iorek Brynison has become the new King. After the fight, Lyra tends to Iorek’s wounds. The bear promises to help her in any way he can. Iorek tells Lyra he knew he could win because Iofur wasn’t a real bear. If the King was an armored bear, then she couldn’t have tricked him.

Elaine Parry runs up to her son Will after school lets out. She tells him about Lord Boreal trying to get to the letters. Elaine warns Will that she thinks his father was up to something dangerous. She thinks John Parry may still be alive. Will says they can’t talk yet. Elaine and Will head home.

Iorek takes Lyra back to her friend Roger who was waiting for them near a mountain. Iorek and the young boy had fallen out of the hot air balloon together. Roger doesn’t know where Lee ended up, but he was still in the hot air balloon last time the pair saw him. He had been waiting for them while Iorek went off to save Lyra from King Iofur. Iorek asks Lyra to use her aleithometer to figure out what the Mageristrim is doing next. Lyra reads that the Mageristrim is coming North, and they have Mrs. Coulter with them.

Mrs. Coulter and her golden monkey daemon are now in a hanger deck for hot air balloons. Father MacPhail has just come in from the Magisterium headquarters. He orders Mrs. Coulter to return to the base to speak to leadership. Father MacPhail has been sent to fetch Lord Asriel since now that King Iorek is in charge, he is free. Also, the lord had been doing experiments the whole time he was in captivity. Mrs. Coulter convinces MacPhail that she is loyal to the Magisterium and wants to help them kill Lord Asriel.

Elaine and Will Parry come home to a messy apartment that has been broken in to. Will leads his mother out. He now believes in Elaine’s ramblings about Lord Boreal. Will takes her to his coach Mr. Hanway’s home. He asks Mr. Hanway to watch his mother while he cleans up their apartment after the robbery. Will won’t get the police involved because he is worried they would take him away from home. Elaine is unhinged because of all the stress. The coach agrees to hide her. Will hugs his mother and promises to find the letters.

Back in the Arctic, Lee, and Hester try to fix the hot air balloon. The balloon is beyond their capabilities to fix. Queen Serafina Pekkla lands in front of Lee in the field. She lets the aeronaut know that Lyra, Iorek, and Roger are all safe. Serafina tells Lee that he will still need to fight to help Lyra. There is a war coming. Lee promises to do the best he can do.

Meanwhile, Will searches through his home in the dark. He finds something, but the audience doesn’t see anything. Thomas and the pale plan return to search the apartment, so Will hides.

Roger and Lyra ride Iorek to Lord Asriel’s labs. Iorek runs back to his palace after asking the children to say safe. Lyra and Roger enter the lab. At first, Lord Asriel is furious to see Lyra, but then why he sees Roger the explorer perks up. He tells his servant Thorlord to prepare a hot bath and food for the children. Lord Asriel warmly greets Roger. The children are suspicious.

I am forever fascinated with the character of Queen Serafina Pekkla, who reminds me of some sort of Roman Goddess. Her green dress wraps around her like a toga. Serafina is covered with tattoos of tree branches covered with flowers. There is also some sort of materials that seems merged with her legs. The Witch Serafina seems both part and distant from Lyra and her allies. The Witch mostly tells characters their missions and prophecies.  She is like a Greek chorus who stays in the periphery of the action. In this episode of His Dark Materials, Serafina tells Lee about what’s happening with Lyra and his mission. But in other episodes like last weeks, Serafina saves the day by killing all the Gobblers. Also, her daemon Kaisa can assist in person when the Witch cannot. Kaisa is like a stand-in or a double.

Lyra’s knowledge of Witch’s daemons saved the day with King Iofur. She would never have been able to trick the King if she had not to meet Serafina and Kaisa. I loved seeing Lyra a girl manipulating a grown bear into doing her bidding. The dark lighting of the cave, a.k.a. throne room added to the tension of the scene.  The physicality of the discussion between Lyra and Iofur was compelling. We first see Lyra enter with a close up of her boots walking on the wet stone floor. The soft sound of the girl’s feet is contrasted by the brute strength of the bear guard’s steps. The sheer force of the armored bear verse this small child shows how Lyra’s trickery is solely based on her intellect.

Even with the apparent diminutive nature of Lyra in this palace, Lyra bows down, making herself even smaller in front of King Iofur whose in full armor sitting on top of a stone platform. Lyra knows that Iofur wants to be human more than anything else, so she, as a human, treats him as her King. As I mentioned earlier, she makes Iofur want to fight Iorek by pretending to be a human daemon. Iorek’s human daemon, which adds to the tension since Iofur hates the other bear since he was supposed to be King. If Iofur could win Lyra, he would be more of a human since he would have a daemon like them. Plus, the bear’s soul would be a daemon, essentially making him one. I thought Dafne Keene (Lyra) and Peter Serafinowicz (King Iofur) performed brilliantly off each other.

This episode of His Dark Materials left me with a couple of questions. Who will Lyra betray?  Iorek gave Lyra the honorary last-name Silvertounge. Does that mean Lyra has been separated from her family’s legacy?  How will Lyra use her “silvertounge” in the future? Will she see the Gyptians again? How will Lyra end up in our world? Thank you for reading! See you next week.

Ruth Wilson Profile

Ruth Wilson plays Mrs. Coulter in His Dark Materials. Wilson was born in Ashford, Surrey, England, on January 13th, 1982. Her mother, Mary, was a probation officer. Her father, Nigel Wilson, was an investment banker. Wilson went to a catholic girl’s school called Notre Dame School in Surrey for both primary and senior school. Ruth Wilson graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in July 2005.  

Wilson is well known for her performances in television shows. Such as her role as her grandmother Alison Wilson in the limited series Mrs. Wilson; Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre; Alison Bailey in The Affair; and lastly, the psychopath Alice Morgan in Luther. She has won and been nominated for many awards like The Golden Globes, BAFTAs, and the Olivier Awards. Wilson won Olivier Awards for both the titular role in Agatha Christie and Stella Kowalski in A Streetcar named Desire. She earned a Golden Globe for her work in The Affair.  

” The Daemon-Cages” Review

“The Daemon-Cages” marks a win for the good guys. Lyra has finished the first stage of her journey as the savior of multiple worlds. This episode mostly takes place in The Station.

As the episode begins, Sister Clara leads Lyra into a grey cafeteria room where all the children are having dinner. Lyra spots Billy right away, but she sits down at another table. Pan scurries over to Salcilla (Roger’s daemon) to speak about what they should do. The two daemons agree that their humans should pretend not to know each other–especially since everybody thinks Lyra’s name is “Lizzie.”

Pan returns to Lyra. The daemon tells her that Billy says, “hello.”  He and Salcilla have changed a lot. Whatever happened to them in The Station has changed Billy and Salcilla. Dr. Copper and her nurses Sister Betty and Sister Clara (In the U.K., nurses are called Sisters), enter the cafeteria and take away a girl named Bridget.

Bridget is hesitant to go with Dr. Cooper, but she has little choice. The girl follows her captors into a room with a large metal door. Sister Clara waits outside.  We hear Dr. Cooper issuing commands, then a mechanical noise. Sister Clara stands entirely still and stares at the door.

Dr. Cooper swiftly marches out, locking the door behind her. The doctor snaps her fingers in front of Sister Clara, waking her from her daze. The nurse follows Doctor Cooper.

Later, Sister Clara helps Dr. Rendal take a couple of measurements of “Lizzie” in an X-Ray machine. Lyra peppers the doctor with questions while he operates the X-Ray. The girl asks Dr. Rendal about Dust, but when he starts to get suspicious, she pretends she is talking about the type of dust that makes you dirty. Lyra also asks the doctor about severing children from their daemons. Dr. Rendal awkwardly laughs, saying that they are philosophical scientists, not people who want to hurt children.

An alarm goes off. Sister Clara ushers Lyra to the fire exit. They merge with a group of children who all change into their snowsuits. Lyra and the rest of the children line up as the older nurse Siser Betty calls out their names. They all respond to her. Lyra finds her way next to Roger. She tells Roger that the Gyptians are coming to save them. Lyra explains that the Gobblers are severing the children from their daemons. The prisoners need to find a way to escape.

Lyra, with the help of Roger, starts a snow fight so the two of them can sneak back inside. They find two rooms that reveal more about the fate of the children. The place that looks like a mortuary full of daemons who have been separated from their humans. The drawers are marked with the names of the children who the daemons belonged to. The daemons are quiet and acting bizarrely. Lyra and Roger find an empty drawer marked with Billy Costa’s name.

Lyra breaks Billy’s death to Roger. He is heartbroken. On the way back, the two friends find the room full of the children who survived the severing process. Bridget lives there now. The children all have shaven heads like Billy. They count the alarms that are going off. The children are all lying down or staring at the door with blank expressions.

The alarms cease making it possible for Roger and Lyra to meet up with the group. Somehow the nurses don’t notice that the children are missing.  Dr. Cooper and Dr. Rendal talk in their offices. The doctor discusses that Mrs. Coulter is returning to The Station to see their progress after hearing about Billy Costa’s escape.

Dr. Rendal is worried about how the explorer will respond when she sees all the mistakes they made. Dr. Cooper calms her associate down, explaining that they will need to emphasize all the progress they have made. Dr. Rendal agrees to show Mrs. Coulter the new severing equipment that they built.

Meanwhile, back in our universe, at night, Will Parry watches a Youtube video of an interview that his father John Parry did before he “died.” He puts away his laptop, then sneaks into his mother’s room. Will tucks in his mother, Elaine, into bed.

Outside, the pale man and one other guard watch the apartment. Elaine knows that the place is being guarded, so they don’t need to do anything else right now.

Back in the girl’s dormitory in The Station, their leader, a girl named Annie, announces that she spots Mrs. Coulter landing in the yard. Annie starts ordering all the other girls around.  She tells them how to act in front of Mrs. Coulter, so they don’t get selected. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter marches down the hall.

Lyra begs Annie to hide her from Mrs. Coulter, who, she explains, is her mother.  Lyra doesn’t know how her mother would respond if she recognized her. Annie agrees to help. She directs Lyra to hide underneath the bed, then holds onto it as hard as she can Lyra holds on at the bed floats off the ground.

Mrs. Coulter and her monkey daemon march into the girl’s dormitory. She notices one of the beds is empty. Annie explains that one of the nurses removed Lizzie, and she has not yet returned. Mrs. Coulter accepts Annie’s explanation. She compliments all the girls on their appearances, then leaves.

Lyra lets go of the bed. Mrs. Coulter pokes her head back in, so Lyra scuttles back up. The explorer praises all the girls then finally leaves for good. Lyra drops down to the ground. On the ledge of the snow-covered mountains, the Gyptians, Lee and Iorek, slowly make their way to The Station.

The children are all now back in the cafeteria. Lyra speaks to Annie, the children’s leader, about their escape plan. Annie is hesitant risk leaving but is convinced  to attempt it when Lyra explains that the Gobblers severe children from their daemons. Lyra offers to pull the fire alarm to signal their escape.

The doctors who report on their progress to Mrs. Coulter. Dr. Cooper tells her that fewer children are dying after the procedure. Mrs. Coulter is pleased.  Dr. Rendal explains to her that the children are now more receptive after the process. Mrs. Coulter wants to see a demonstration. The doctors agree.

Dr. Cooper marches into the cafeteria with the other doctor and nurses. Lyra and Annie hold hands. The doctor calls “Lizzie” to come with her. Lyra pulls her fingers away from Annie’s grip then follows the grownups. When the group enters the hallway, Lyra tries to run for safety.

Dr. Rendal picks up Pan, then squeezes his head. Lyra collapses in pain. Dr. Cooper thanks the other doctor who says he did what needed to be done. An orderly picks up Lyra. They carry the daemon and child into the room with a large metal door and a massive machine in the middle of the room. Two circular devices with a sizeable saw-like device hang in between them. Another invention encompasses the machines with a door that lets people in. The door is wide open — the doctor and orderly throw Pan and Lyra into separate devices.

Lyra wakes up just as the door is locked. She yells for the doctors to let her and Pan out.  Dr. Rendal asks Dr. Copper if he should shut the outer door, but Dr. Cooper is now up in the observational room. Lyra says Mrs. Coulter wouldn’t want the surgery done on her. The girls yell for Mrs. Coulter over and over again. Dr. Cooper tells the younger doctor to lock the door so that the device won’t fail.

When Mrs. Coulter enters the observational room, Lyra yells for her. When the explorer realizes her daughter is locked into the machine, she presses the button to stop the device. Dr. Rendal lets Lyra and Pan out of their separate pods. Lyra spots Mrs. Coulter in the observational room.

Minutes later, Lyra is leaning on the wall of the observational room, and Mrs. Coulter gently lifts a glass of chamomile to her lips. Lyra refuses to drink until her mother points out she could drug her other ways.

Mrs. Coulter is surprised that Lyra knew who she was. She explains that she did not raise Lyra because she did not think it would be suitable for either one of them. Also, Lord Asriel had definite ideas on how their daughter should be raised.

Lyra questions her mother about the experiments. Her mother promises she would never hurt her. She explains that they need to do these experiments because of Dust. She explains that daemons are great companions when you are a child, but when you become a teenager, they place dangerous thoughts in your head. They cause you to become sinful, which draws Dust to the human. Dust represents sin in the Magisterium’s minds.

Lyra asks why do all these children need to die or be damaged forever. Mrs. Coulter explains that the few need to be sacrificed for the many. Lyra questions the fate of her friends Roger and Billy. Mrs. Coulter promises they will not be harmed. Lyra reveals that it’s already too late for Billy.

Mrs. Coulter asks about the alethiometer that the Master gave Lyra before she left Jordan College. She claims that the problem is that the Master gave her the golden compass so Lord Asriel could get hold of the device. Mrs. Coulter tells Lyra its time for her to pick a side, either the Magisterium or Lord Asriel and the Gyptians. Lyra calmly says that her mother saved her, not Lord Asriel. She hands Mrs. Coulter; a metal box melded together Which Lyra explains is for keeping the alethiometer safe. Mrs. Coulter turns away to pry apart the box with a knife Lyra escapes from the room. She locks the door, then destroys the passcode panel trapping Mrs. Coulter inside.

Lyra tracks down Roger and instructs him to convince the daemon-less children to leave The Station. While he’s helping the children, she will be creating havoc as a distraction.

Lyra pulls the fire alarm then runs to the room where the Gobblers are keeping her clothes stored. She quickly changes into her regular clothing. Sister Clara enters the changing room and instructs Lyra to go back to the dorms. Lyra realizes that the nurse and her daemon were separated. She asks Sister Clara what her daemon’s name was. The nurse answers Nicholas. She shares how much she loved Nicholas. Sympathetic to Lyra’s plight, she lets her go.

Roger sneaks into the room with the “soulless” children and eventually convinces them to come with him.

Lyra remembers that the doctors spoke about how if the outer door to the surgery room is open, the device will go haywire.  She opens the door and makes her way back to the observation room. She pushes all the buttons until the machine starts to work. The room begins to crumble. Pan yells that they need to get out. Lyra and Pan run out of the room right before a massive explosion.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter and her daemon find a way out of the room through the ceiling ducts. Dr. Cooper instructs Dr. Rendal to track down all the children before she exits the building. Dr. Rendal and some guards track Annie and the other children to a locked door. He orders the children to stay still.

At that moment, Ma Costa and the Gyptians sneak inside. She grabs Dr. Rendal by the throat, then asks him if he remembers Billy.  The doctor says he was only doing what was needed. Ma Costa snaps Dr.Rendal’s neck. She then gathers the children to help them escape.

Some Gobbler guards try to grab Lyra as she runs out of the building. Iorek throws them to the side knocking the guards out. Lyra cries that they need to get the other children out. She runs off with Iorek following her. Mrs. Coulter discovers an opening in the ducts. She jumps into the doctors’ office.

Meanwhile, Lyra navigates past the Gobblers and Gyptians fighting outside. Dr. Cooper orders the guards to keep the children alive and to kill everybody else. Then Serafina flies through the fight killing all the Gobblers with a flick of her wrist. Mrs. Coulter watches from a corner.

When Serafina flies off, Roger comes out with all the daemon-less children. Ma Costa and Lyra hug the children. Mrs. Coulter sneaks away. A bit later, Ma Costa and Lyra speak. Ma Costa tells Lyra that she should go with Lee, but Lyra explains that Gyptians still need her help. Ma Costa says that she has more to do. Lyra nods, remembering that she needs to save her father. The two hug.

Lyra walks up to the hot air balloon where Lee, Iorek, and Roger are waiting for her. The four of them take off in the aircraft. Lyra waves goodbye to all the Gyptians.

Later, when the two children are asleep, Serafina lands onto the hot air balloon. She tells Lee that Lyra is going to save the world and that Lee is in charge of keeping her safe. Lee is disheartened because he was hoping for more money, but instead, Serafina has given him somebody to care for. Still, Lee loves Lyra like a father. Serafina flies off.

Meanwhile, the Gyptians lead all the children home. John Faa tells Ma Costa that he hoped they would bring Billy back. Ma Costa replies that at least they made it harder for the Gobblers to hurt more children. Faa asks her what will they do with the daemon-less children. Ma Costa says bring them back home, of course. John Faa questions if the parents will want them again. Ma Costa thinks they will take any children who are abounded.

Back in the hot air balloon, everybody is sleeping when Hester and Lee wake up. Lyra’s eyes open when Lee takes out his gun. He motions that he is leaving the cabin with the weapon. Lyra nods.

A monkey-like creature hangs off the cabin. Lee doesn’t notice the beast and re-enters the cabin. Roger wakes up. Some creature moves about the cabin causing Iorek growls outside. The bear warns that cliff-ghasts are attacking them. Lee shoots his gun, but in the commotion, one of the cliff-ghasts pulls Lyra out of the hot air balloon.

I loved ” The Daemon-Cages,” but I had some issues with the episode. I was thrilled that Lyra and the Gyptians were able to stop the Gobblers, but I am curious about Will Parry. I was hoping that we would learn more about the Parry family during this episode. The “The Flight of Death” promo implies there will be scenes with Will and Elaine.

The implication from “The Lost Boy” was that a lot of children died from the separation, but in this episode, we only see proof that one child died. Was Nurse Clara the only person to survive the daemon separation procedure back when she was a child? Are there more “soulless people”? 

One of my favorite scenes of this episode of His Dark Materials is when Lyra and Mrs. Coulter scream on either side of the door after Lyra has trapped her mother. I thought that brilliantly demonstrated that Lyra and Mrs. Coulter are “two sides of the same coin.” The scene of Mrs. Coulter climbing through the ceiling ducts is another stand out sequence that reminds me of Lyra climbing through the air ducts of her mother’s apartment. Like the mother, like daughter, I guess.

Anyways, I cannot wait for the last two episodes! Thank you for reading.

“The Lost Boy” Review

I found His Dark Materials Season One ” The Lost Boy” to be the most emotional episode to date. We finally learn what horrific torture the Gobblers are inflicting on the children they capture. “ The Lost Boy” introduces a new character named Will Parry who is from our modern Oxford, England. The significant storylines follow Lyra Belacqua in the Artic and Will in contemporary Oxford.

Lyra, along with the Gyptians, travels further North to The Station, where Billy, Roger, and the other children are imprisoned. Kaisa, the Witch’s daemon, flies over the caravan leading them to their final destination. Lyra marches beside Lee Scrobesby who is reclined on his bound up hot air balloon being pulled by a cart. Lyra and Lee chat about how he refuses to walk since a wagon can haul him. The girl asks the aeronaut to reassure her that their group will beat the Gobblers. Lee admits that he doesn’t know if they will win or not. Lyra is disturbed by the uncertainty of their victory, and Lee comforts her.

John Faa calls Lyra over to him while the caravan of Gyptians rests. Faa asks her to read the alethiometer to see what sort of guard formation the Gobblers have at The Station. The golden compass tells Lyra that many armed men are surrounding a large metal fence that protects The Station from unwanted visitors. The alethiometer warns Lyra about something, but she can’t decipher what it is warning her about. John Faa comments that the golden compass is probably trying to warn her about everything.

After the caravan has stopped for the evening, Lyra seeks out Fader Coram. She tells the Fader that the alethiometer is telling her to go to a small fishing village to seek out a ghost. Lyra can feel that going to the fishing village is vital, but Fader Coram forbids her to go. He doesn’t think Lyra will be safe, and the Gyptians need her to help find the missing children. The girl runs off in a huff. A little bit later, when everybody has put up their camp for the night, Lyra runs over to Ma Costa, whose cooking. Lyra pleads her case.  She begs Ma Costa to trust the alethiometer that is telling her that she must seek out the fishing village to find the ghost. The older woman promises to consider Lyra’s request.

During the night, Ma Costa and Lyra lay under their blankets, eating and talking to Kaisa. The hawk daemon Kaisa tells the girl that she is right to want to seek out the ghost. Kaisa tells Lyra that her father was trying to use Dust to cross over to other worlds. The Mageristirum asked the armored bears to keep Lord Asriel locked up to stop him from crossing, but the King Iofur allows him to continue his research into Dust while he’s under house arrest.

Meanwhile, Fader Coram meets up with his ex-wife, the gorgeous young looking Witch Queen Serafina Pekkala. Fader, who is now a wrinkled older man, wonders how she has not aged at all. The Witch points out that since she is three hundred years old, Fader Coram still seems beautiful to her. Serafina is frustrated that he cares so much about finding the missing children but did not seem to want to seek out the truth about why their son died. Coram angrily points out that their son had died of disease while humans stole these children. He says that he must fight for these children even if he is weak from old age. Serafina promises that she will assist where she can, but the witches are not as united as they once were. She tells Coram that her daemon Kaisa will keep traveling with them. Whatever Kaisa sees the Witch will notice too. The ex-lovers share a kiss before Serafina flies off to her sister Witches. Fader Coram breaks down in tears after she leaves.

By morning, John Faa acquiesces to Lyra allowing her to search for the ghost in the fishing village as long she brings the armored bear Iorek Byrnison with her. Lyra promises Faa that she will return to the Gyptians by nightfall. She rides off to the village on Iorek’s back. Lyra laughs out load as she holds on tightly to the bear.

On the way to the village, Lyra and Iorek stop for lunch. The bear allows Lyra to lean on him for warmth. Iorek tells Lyra that he was initially from Svalbard, but was exiled after he killed another bear. Iorek Bynison would have been King if he was allowed to stay in his home. Like Lyra’s father, Lord Asriel, he lost all his wealth and land. Lyra asks who he killed. But Iorek says it’s more important to ask “why he killed” since bears don’t usually kill other bears. He was not of the right mind, he explains. Lyra tells him that her father Lord Asriel is being guarded by Svalbard bears. Iorek explains that her father will not be able to escape because bears cannot be lied to, but Lyra says he was able to convince her that he was her Uncle Lord Asriel. Iorek argues that Lyra is not a bear, but she says she is part bear.

It’s sunset by the time Lyra rides Iorek into the village. She and Pan find Billy without his daemon half-frozen lying in a hut. Lyra somehow drags Billy onto the back of Iorek. They ride back to the Gyptian camp. Ma Costa and his brother Tony carry Billy back to their tent. Lyra tries to run after the Costa family, but Lee stops her. He points out that while Ma Costa loves her, the family needs to be on their own. The Gyptians now know the Gobblers split the children from their daemons, leaving them soulless like ghosts.

Ma Costa cuddles Billy near a fire as Tony watches them. She sings to her youngest as he dies. Ma Costa tells Billy that it’s okay to be with his daemon. A little later, Lee wakes up a sleeping Lyra. He tells her that Billy has died. Lyra cries. The whole caravan comes out for the little boy’s funeral.

Billy’s dead body is wrapped in cloth lawn over a pyre. Ma Costa lights the pyre on fire. The Gyptians sing and cry as the pyre burns. Lee comforts Lyra.

That night, the Gobblers sneak into camp while most of the Gyptians sleep. The Gobblers kill the two adults who are keeping guard. As one of the Gyptian guards dies, his squirrel daemon disappears. Daemons disappear when their humans die. 

Meanwhile, Lyra sleeps curled up in her tent. Pan hears a noise outside the tent and wakes her up. Lyra leaves the shelter to find out what her daemon heard. She is knocked out by the Gobblers. The screen goes black.

She wakes up as she is dragged inside The Station. There is a P.O.V. shot of Lyra, slowly waking up as she is plopped down in front of a female doctor. The screen is blurry as she comes too. All the Gobblers speak some Nordic language so she can’t understand them. Then the female doctor tests Pan to see if she can still change. The doctor switches to speaking in English. She tells a nearby nurse to prepare Lyra for treatment because she is on the verge of the change. When Lyra becomes a teenager, Pan will settle on one animal. Once this happens the Gobblers won’t be able to split her from her daemon.

The doctor asks Lyra who she is. Lyra says her name is Lizzie. The doctor tells the nurse to get “Lizzie” changed, so the nurse takes Lyra to another room. She tells Lyra that she needs to examine her to see if she is healthy. She asks Lyra who she accompanied her to the arctic. She says she came with her father to trade for furs. Lyra takes off all her clothes. The nurse opens up a cupboard. Lyra spots the same type of clothing that she found Billy wearing in the shed which confirms for Lyra that she is in The Station.

Will Parry’s storyline in “Lost Boy” starts with him walking to school in his uniform. A voice-over informs the audience that Lyra can’t know what she needs to do or she will fail. Lyra’s path will be dangerous, but she won’t be alone. Lyra will be with Will Parry from our universe. A cutaway reveals Lord Boreal in a car with a pale-skinned man watching an apartment. Elaine Parry comes out of the apartment. Lord Boreal asks the pale man if social services observe the Parry family. The pale man says, “no, they are all alone”. At that moment, Will pops out of the door to hand his Mom a coffee. The pale man notes that the teenager seems like a good kid.

John Parry, Will’s father, has been missing for a long time. The Daemon world knows him as Dr. Stanislaus Grumman. Other than Lord Boreal, John Parry is the only other man to cross universes. So Lord Boreal wants to learn everything about Parry.

Later, Elaine Parry heads out of her home with her purse. She plans to go food shopping. Lord Boreal intercepts Elaine as she walks down her driveway. He lies saying he served with John in the Royal Marines. He freaks out Elaine, who says she needs to get to the store. Lord Boreal questions where John is right now. Elaine tells him that John died many years ago. Then the Lord asks her what happened to him. Elaine explains that John never came home. Lord Boreal offers to help her family in any way he can. After he hands Elaine a card, she runs off.

Will Parry boxes with a classmate named Toby. Their coach watches the two boys box giving them notes. Elaine bursts into the gym in a panic. She tells Will that a man was asking about his father. Elaine notices that Will is boxing, and apologizes for bothering him. The coach tries to tell Elaine to sit, but she becomes agitated and runs off. Elaine Parry has some kind of mental illness.

Toby teases Will about  having a crazy mother. Will attacks the other boy for going after his Mom, so he coach pulls the boys apart. He orders Will to find his mother. Will finds her right outside, counting stones on a bench. She mumbles to him about the man who was trying to find Joh Parry. Will doesn’t believe her but tries to calm her down. He tells Elaine that it’s time for them to go home and gently pulls her away from the stones she’s been counting.

Will returns to the gym to collect his clothes before they head home. The coach asks him if they need some help. He is worried that Elaine needs some more assistance with her mental illness than Will can handle. Will tells the coach not to worry about their family.

Later that night, Will makes his Mom an omelet for dinner. Elaine tells Will that he looks like his father. He doesn’t believe his mother. She tells him that he is unique, like John–that one day, he is going to leave her to help save the world. Will insists that he is not exceptional. Then Elaine notices there is something wrong with the home. She freaks out. He tries to calm her down, but Elaine thinks somebody was in their home. Maybe Elaine has something to worry about with Lord Boreal around?

Meanwhile, Thomas and Lord Boreal are in a dark room with lots of computers. Thomas tells Lord Boreal that John Parry left enough money in his bank account to take care of his family for a long time. The Lord notes that Parry must have known that he would be gone for years. Thomas tells him that in Parry’s home there are probably more clues about how he can cross over. He tells Lord Boreal that he is excited to solve this puzzle.

What we learn about The Station in ” The Lost Boy”, Gobbler’s experiments on the children, reminds me of the historical events of World War II. The tests in The Station remind me of the Holocaust. Especially the way that Billy’s head is shaven when Lyra finds him half dead, half-frozen like the bodies found in the WWII concentration camps.  Like the Jews who were forced into the gas chambers, Lyra is forced to take off her clothes. While the Gobblers are not directly killing the children, separating their daemons does cause them to die. The doctors experiment on children just like Dr. Mengele did in Auschwitz. In both cases, these sorts of horrific experiments claim to kill the children for “scientific progress.” The historical reference seems pretty clear.

This episode ended with a lot of fear-inducing cliffhangers. What will happen to Lyra now that she has been captured? What type of danger are the Parry’s in now that Lord Boreal knows about them?

Differences Between His Dark Materials Season 1 & The Golden Compass (Book One of the His Dark Materials Trilogy) Part 1

I have recently started re-reading The Golden Compass. Here are the significant differences between the book and television show that I have found so far:

1. In the first book, Lyra Belacqua doesn’t want to leave Jordan college. She has a happy life playing “war” with the fellow children within Oxford University and Oxford the town. Lyra has many friends. In the television series His Dark Materials, Lyra’s best friend is Roger, and she wishes to explore the world.

2. Lyra calls her daemon Pantalamion in the novels. She usually calls her daemon Pan within the television series.

3. King of the Gyptians John Faa and Fader Coram don’t join the Gyptians in Oxford right away. The Gyptians all meet up in London. The king and his advisor seem to live away from Oxford in the book. While in the television series, the king and Fader Coram appear to live in Oxford.

4. So far, The Golden Compass appears to be entirely in Lyra Belacqua’s point of view. His Dark Materials Season 1 jumps around different characters’ points of view.

5. There is no mention of mention the “scholastic sanctuary in the first couple of chapters of the book.” The pilot episode reveals that the scholastic sanctuary is the reason why Lord Asriel dropped Lyra in Jordan College as a baby.

6. In The Golden Compass, Lyra talks to Lord Boreal during Mrs. Coulter’s party while in the television series they have not yet met.

7. John Faa is the one who tells Lyra the true identity of her parents. In the first season of the television series, Ma Costa is the one who lets her know that Lord Asriel is her father, and Mrs. Coulter is her mother.

8. Turk traders try to capture Lyra and Pan in the book. The Gobblers briefly kidnap Lyra before Tony Costa, and his friends rescue her in His Dark Materials Season 1.

9. In the books, Mrs. Coulter gently hypnotizes the children to capture them. The television series shows Billy Costa violently kidnapped by a man.

10. In the book, the Gobbler had been interrogated before Lyra arrived on the Gyptians’ boats. In the televisions series, the Gyptians capture the Gobbler when they rescue Lyra.The Gobbler also doesn’t give away any information while in the book he does.

11. Lyra doesn’t mention Roger being kidnapped by the Gobblers when she agrees to go off with Mrs. Coulter. In the first episode, when they meet, Lyra begs her new guardian to help her find her friend. It’s because of Roger that Lyra stays with Mrs. Coulter as long as she does in His Dark Materials. In The Golden Compass, Lyra behaves so she can go to the Arctic.

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