Glossary for His Dark Materials TV Show

Glossary for His Dark Materials (May Contain Some Spoilers)

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Glossary for His Dark Materials (may contain some spoilers):

Daemon: The animal that embodies their human companion’s soul. Daemons are able to speak . Children’s daemons continuously change form. Once the human’s become adults, they daemon’s identity becomes fixed. They are often the opposite gender of their human counterpart..

Dust: This is a substance that forms around fully matured consciousness of adults when their daemons have become one unchanging animal. The church thinks of dust as heretical because they connect the fully matured consciousness to “original sin.”

Scholastic Sanctuary:  Scholastic Sanctuary is when somebody who may be in danger because of what they have said or even just for for being has protection against the Magisterium when living in academic space like Oxford University.

Gyptians: A nomadic ethnic group that made their homes in the Fens of Brytain. They are a tightknit community who are protective of their children. Usually, children stay with their mother or somebody who is trusted. As seen in the pilot, the Gyptians travel by boat.

Multiverse: As Lord Asriel showed during the meeting in the library, there are many different worlds in His Dark Materials. These universes are all parallel to one another and the Magisterium consider it heretical to discuss them.

Magisterium: The headquarters of the ruling authority of the Holy Church in Geneva.

Jordan College: The college is one of the twenty-three colleges that form the University of Oxford. This is Lyra Belacqua’s home until she leaves it at the end of the pilot.

Alethiometer: A truth telling device that looks like a golden compass.

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