Actor Profile: Dafne Keen Fernández

Dafne Keen Fernandez (January 4, 2005) is a British-Spanish actress born in Madrid, Spain. The actress holds British and Spanish citizenship. She is commonly known as Dafne Keen. Keen’s parents are British Actor Will Keen and Galician Actress/Theatre Director/ Writer Maria Fernandez Ache. Her first acting role as in 2014, where she played Ana “Ani” Cruz Oliver in the television show The Refugees. Keen’s Dad Will Keen played her character’s father Samuel “Sam” Cruz. The television show The Refugees is about billions of people from the future traveling to our present to escape a deadly mutation of the cold virus wiping out most of the world — her other role as Laura in the Marvel 2017 film Logan where she plays Wolverine’s clone. Dafne Keen plays Lyra Belacqua in His Dark Materials. Right now, she is in pre-production for the film Ana where she plays Ana. 

Dafne Keen has won “Best Duo” in the 2017 MTV Movies & TV awards for her work with Hugh Jackman in Logan. Along with winning “Best Female Newcomer” in the 2018 Empire Awards for Logan

Published by Paloma Bennett

I have a Master of Arts in Cinema Critical Studies from San Fransisco State University. I am a Lesbian Feminist Pop-Culture Geek from California who loves film, television, book, comic books and podcasts. I work a the Paley Center at the moment, but I am interested in becoming a professional television and film reviewer.

One thought on “Actor Profile: Dafne Keen Fernández

  1. She is so cute and confident! And wise in the way she acts. It is hard to ignore how obviously cute she is. I want to adopt her. She’d be like “I already have a family”
    I’d be like “Sorry, you are doing great!” I was mature as a child too perhaps. But I was very shy! So no one would ever know it lol.


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